About Us


  • The director is Michael Isaac .
  • The company provides a range of piling services including specialist services such as heavy duty mobile rigs and restricted access piling.

Company Objective

The company’s objective is to provide excellent service to the construction industry as a specialist in the piling field.

Meeting the Requirements

  • We have an Enterprise Bargaining Agreement in place.
  • We have a Quality Assurance program.
  • We have documented OHS&R management systems in place.
  • Quality control and safety standards are of utmost importance to the company.


MGI owns and operates a wide range of equipment. The equipment includes:

  • Soilmec T-108 heavy duty truck mounted rigs.
  • Various crawler mounted drilling rigs ranging from 5.5t to 60t.
  • Grout injection piling equipment including grout holding tanks, grout pumps, etc.
  • Numerous drilling tools including augers, rock augers, coring tools, cleaning buckets, extensions, etc to suit a range of sizes from 300mm to 3500mm diameter.
  • Ancillary equipment such as trucks, excavators 5t to 20t, utilities, skid steers, forklift, welders, pumps and vibrators, etc.


The team at MGI consists of qualified & experienced engineers, supervisors and operators. Since 1997 MGI has had numerous projects from single pile footings to large diameter piles on major civil works, including grout injection piling, bored piles, shoring piles, secant walls, retaining walls, foundations for multi-storey buildings and bridge foundations for various rail and road projects throughout the region.

MGI Piling Australia Pty Limited

Medium sized piling contracting company that serves the commercial, residential and civil sectors of the construction industry.


9 Enterprise Drive
Glendenning NSW 2761
ph: (02) 9625 0160

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